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We offer access to our proprietary "Return On Investment" (ROI) calculator for FREE. Simply use the form below to sign up as a user of our ROI service and you will be sent a download link via email.

Why use an ROI Calculator?

A business that mails to 100 prospects and gets 10 customers experiences a 10% response rate. If each sale produces $10, you only made $100 in sales. When you subtract the cost of postage, paper supplies, brochures, etc. is it still worth it?

A business that mails to 1,000 prospects and gets 1 customer has a 1/10 of 1% response rate. However, if that sale produces $50,000 in new business is it worth it? You bet it is!

Therefore, your business will be successful if your direct mail efforts produce a return that far outweighs the cost of the mailing. And the way you determine this in advance is to use a "Return on Investment" calculator.

Key points to consider if direct mail is right for your business:

1) Do we charge a fee for our services or products that would allow us to make a profit if only a small percentage respond?
2) Do we offer a service or product that we are confident will generate a high enough response rate so we can remain profitable.
3) In an ideal world, does our offer match both # 1 and # 2?

Bottom line: If the answer to these questions is NO, using direct mail as a primary way to generate new business may not be right for you. If the answer was yes to anyhoever, using our ROI calculator is the right step toward maximizing your direct marketing campaign. Add this to our amazing Direct Mail Packages and you have a powerhouse of marketing at your disposal!

If you have any questions that are not addressed by the information on this page please contact us.


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