Direct Mail For Your Business

While we provide our resellers with an extensive array of full color reseller printing services, we consider ourselves more of a direct mail company than a commercial printer.

This means that our print brokers are able to offer direct mailing services that are unmatched by any online and offline company. We are not just a print company who added a tabletop addresser in the office and call it a direct mail department. We have in house capablities of inserting, addressing, sorting, bundling, and more. The money you can save your clients by offering them mailing services can add an additional profit stream to your existing client base.

If your clients are mailing postcards, offer them direct mail services!.

Read over our direct mail resources:

Want to simplify direct mail postcard marketing?
Click here for our direct mail packages that include everything you need to get your postcards in the hands of your customers. - Click for direct mail packages

Want to save $1000 for doing nothing?

Let your clients know that the beauty of using you for their mailing service is that they will SAVE more money than it costs. If charged 4 cents per piece to presort, address and deliver your mail and our cost saves you 19 cents in postage, the net savings is 15 cents and neither yourself or your client has had to lift a finger! Many times, the savings you receive in postage is enough to cover the entire cost printing, mailing, and designing of the entire campaign!

For example...

Old way of mailing ResellPrinting way of mailing
5000 8.5"x5.5" Postcard
Postage  (.42 per card)
Shipping to you
2500 Labels
Labor ($10/h for 10 hrs)
Total Cost Of Mailing:
(Not including list or design)
5000 8.5"x5.5" Postcard
Postage (.176 per card)
Mailing Services

Total Cost Of Mailing:
(Not including list or design)


We save the customer well over $1000 AND we perform all the services. For a detailed estimate that is specific to your business, please contact us at 813-443-5275, or here.

Direct Mail Services Includes:
Presorting list (No additional data charges)
Verifying Addresses (CASS Certification)
Inkjet Addressing
Bulk Mail Permit/Indicia
Delivery To Post Office

Mailing Services Price
Up to 1250 pieces $99
1251-2999 pieces $149
3000-4999 pieces .04 Cents per piece + $40 Setup
5001-25,000 pieces .04 cents/piece + FREE Setup
25,000-50,000 pieces .035 cents/piece + FREE Setup
50,000+ pieces .03 cents/piece + FREE Setup

Additional Mailing Services:
Additional List Sort: $10 per list *First one is included with mailing services
Special / Unique database processing $60 per hour, minimum of $30
Inkjetting indicia/striking permit if incorrect .02 cents per piece
Single Tab (White) $40 per 1000
Double Tab (White) $60 per 1000
Rush Mailing: $75 (3 business days)
NCOA Update: $3 per 1000  ($95 minimum)
Adding "Or Current Resident" $15
Priority Drop Shipping / SCF Drop Ship: $25 + Logistics cost
Copy of processed & certified list: $20
$25 Per extra drop if quantity is under 5000 pieces
$25 Reprocessing list after CASS certification

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