Common Bindery Services

Below we have outlined the most common bindery services.

If you have any questions about our bindery services that are not addressed by the information on this page please contact us or call 813-443-5275.

Bindery Services We Offer


Typically, there are only two basic types of folds: parallel and right-angle. Products containing parallel folds consist of folds that run parallel to each other. Right-angle folds are folds that run perpendicular to each of the preceding folds. We specialize in parallel folding products but can facilitate right-angle jobs if requested.

Common Parallel Folds

  • 4-Page Standard / Single / Half
  • 6-Page Standard / C-Fold / Business Letter
  • 6-Page Standard / Gate
  • 6-Page Accordion / Z-Fold
  • 8-Page Parallel Map
  • 8-Page Reverse Map
  • 8-Page Parallel / Roll
  • 8-Page Accordion
  • 8-Page Double / Double Parallel
  • 10-Page Accordion
  • 16-Page Parallel Booklet


Scoring is the term applied to the process that places a crease in paper stocks and other substrates allowing the material to be folded. A score may be used to crease the cover of a publication, provide areas for folding a document allowing insertion into an envelope, create heavy creases in shipping cartons to allow easy assembly of the carton, and numerous other applications.

The scoring wheels apply full scores either parallel or perpendicular to the grain of the paper, depending on the direction the paper is sent through the equipment. To apply both parallel and perpendicular scores, the paper is sent through the equipment twice. To help save time, some products can be manufactured with several printed copies on one large sheet so that when the sheet is sent through the scoring equipment, the scores are applied to all of the copies on the large sheet at the same time. The large sheets are then cut into individual finished pieces. Scores can also be applied with flatbed equipment in much the same way that perforations are applied. Special score rules are used which can apply a score without cutting through the paper.

  • The paper grain direction has much to do with the quality of the score. Paper that is scored parallel with the grain of the paper will score much more cleanly. The score is cleaner because the paper fibers (grain) are running in the same basic direction as the score. Only a few of the fibers provide any resistance to the scoring action which results in a high quality score.

  • When a score is applied perpendicular to the grain of the paper, the resulting score may have a ragged appearance. The ragged score is the results of all of the fibers being scored at one time creating resistance to the scoring action. The ragged appearance is especially noticeable when scoring heavy stocks.

    The main method or standard means of die cutting involves the use of metal dies to give paper or substrate products specific shapes or designs that cannot be accomplished by a guillotine cutter. By using knife-edge cutting blades formed into a pattern or die, a machine presses the die into the material to produce the desired shape. Almost any shape can be created and applied to a diverse array of raw materials. Labels, envelopes, folders, cartons, and documents are only a few of the many printed products that can be die cut for added functionality.

    Web presses often have a rotary die unit that is utilized for die cutting paper and label stocks. Although there are limitations on the types of dies and the paper selections that can be provided, rotary die cutting serves as an effective method for longer run quantities of printed materials requiring some type of die cut area.

    Single sheet products require the use of a flat bed die and a flat bed cutting press to die cut the shape into the paper stock.

    Typical samples of various die cuts from steel blades:

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